Pe Ell Trojan Booster Club

The Pe Ell Trojan Booster Club is an organization dedicated to providing all students, in academics and in sports, the "opportunity of experience."

The members of the Pe Ell Trojan Booster Club accept the responsibility to care for, support, and encourage the growth of all students, so that they may reach their fullest potential in our school community.

We acknowledge that each person should encourage students to learn the values of leadership, teamwork, and sportmanship. Thus, creating the opportunity for all students to become a positive, model-citizen of our community, society, and world.
Booster Club

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Contact Jenn Selle for orders or questions. 360-878-2777
  • Pe Ell Trojans T-shirts for $15.00 each
  • Blue, Black and White Trojan beanies for $20.00
  • Red, Blue and White Titan beanies for $20.00

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