School Modernization Survey

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The Pe Ell School District is discussing ways to improve our facilities. The Pe Ell School Building was built in 1952, occupied in the 52’-53’ school year, with the gym and woodshop completed and occupied in the 53’-54’ school year. In 1993, we remodeled the high school and middle school wings. In 2007, an elementary school wing was added, along with improvements to the relocated middle school wing, and the grandstand was replaced.

Current Bond

This bond was voted for about 2.7 million dollars in February 2006 and passed at 67% approval. It expires in December 2024.

Potential New Bond

If it is decided to have a bond, it would be voted on in February 2024 and would begin collection in January 2025, if passed. This bond would combine with grant dollars to enhance modernization of the school building and contribute to updates that fall outside the current building such as the renovating the track and football field, temporary learning spaces needed during construction, and updating other playing fields.

What's the Difference Between a Levy and a Bond?

School Funding

Schools are funded by a variety of revenue streams:

  • Regular Funds: These are state and federal funds sent annually and distributed for over the school calendar year.
  • EPO Levy: Local voted dollars that enhance learning.
  • Bond: Local voted dollars that provide revenue for construction and facilities improvement.
  • Timber Dollars: A local bond generates the ability for timber dollars flowing into debt service. The current bond has generated over two million dollars this way.  These extra funds have been utilized by the district to reduce taxes, pay for building repair costs that arise, purchase technology equipment, and avoid local capital projects and technology levies.

Construction Grants

The Pe Ell School District was awarded a Small Schools Modernization Grant of 2.21 million dollars for roof replacement. The District has been awarded a planning grant to plan for a second modernization grant of 6 million dollars for improvements including a kitchen remodel, asbestos floor tile removal from some classrooms, finishing outside siding replacement, and creating instructional space within our library.

 Grants plus Bond plus SCAP = Modernization of the School Building

We have the possibility of modernizing our school almost completely by combining these two Small School modernization grants with a small local bond and utilizing the School Construction Assistance Program (SCAP) dollars that are available to a school District every 30 years. The two modernization grants in conjunction with the bond and SCAP would bring a total of 24-27 million dollars to modernize our facility. This would include:

  • Classrooms, gyms
  • Non-learning spaces such as bathrooms, lobbies, and hallways.
  • “Old bones” such as plumbing, electrical, and HVAC
  • Track and Football Field, some other sports field improvements (These have to be funded by bond dollars due to constraints on grants and SCAP)


Planning for these projects will begin in January with the construction phase tentatively scheduled to begin in the summer of 2025.

Other Construction Projects Paid for by Timber Dollars and Grants

Current Construction Projects:  

  • School Safety Projects:

    * Limiting easy access to the school through outside doors with a new entrance system.

    Building outside and inside passageways to limit exposure of students to outside threat possibilities.

    * Adding software apps to provide much quicker communication in emergencies.

  • A new concession stand, currently in design phase.


Completed Construction Projects:

  • Replacement of the most damaged external siding.
  • Repairing of roof leaks.
  • Replacement of hot water heaters.
  • Updating school wide building HVAC systems.