Dr. Joel Black

HS Teacher

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Courses Taught:

  • HS Math
  • Spanish
  • Electives


Clubs and Interests
   Travel, languages, cultures, psychology, music, philosophy, general knowledge, chess, trivia, geography, Latin America, and mushrooms.

   PhD Pacific Western 1999, M.A. Recreation 1981, B.S. Psychology 1980.  Alma Mater: BYU and Purdue.  Plus 8 more universities--hey, what can I say?  I like to learn.  I have coursework and independent study in every discipline.  


   Born: California. Grew up: Utah. Education: Indiana. Moved to WA in 1986.  Father of 9 and grandchild count 15 and rising. seven children married, one deceased, 1 in college, and the home is empty. Master Gardener. Into hiking, flowers, cultures, languages, music, learning, reading and, of course, travel.  Vice: acquiring and reading books. My library needs to be trimmed. It is hard to find space for 8,000 books. Country count is 31 down, 169 to go.  Languages: Speak 2, get by in 2, exposed to 16, 2992 that I need to get started on.

   Experience: Travel, teaching, 3 continents, all 50 states. Business education, gifted ed., outdoor and experiential ed., and every model and subject the public system offers. I have been a circuit speaker, living in airplanes, and caretaker of a forest, a businessman, owned my own school, and worked for a charity abroad.  I believe that life is for having experiences, and I spend my income on travel, not toys. I have taught 63 high school subjects, in every discipline, and am Highly Qualified in all 27 of Washington State's topic areas. Since this is the last year before retirement, let's have everyone join us for a Grand Hurrah trip abroad this next summer. 

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